NZ Duck Shooting Season - Opening Weekend 2014 - 3rd May 2014 to 4th May 2014

NZ Duck Shooting Season - Opening Weekend 2014

The New Zealand duck shooting season starts each year on ‘opening day’, the first Saturday in May. This is when most hunters take part and most birds are shot. New Zealand Horn and Antler is proud to offer their clients the opportunity to experience the finest  wing shooting a waterfowl hunting could hope for.

If you are serious about waterfowl hunting you won't find a better place to hunt than New Zealand.
We have large numbers of birds and the best part is our daily bag limits.
Each hunter can shoot up to 50 ducks per day and no limit on geese.

We have a 3 month season May to July so even if you don't make the opening weekend you can still enjoy some waterfowl shooting mixed in with your big game hunts.

New Zealand Time
19 : 49 : 29
Sunday 30 August 2015
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