Club New Zealand Red Stag Hunts

New Zealand Horn & Antler Safaris created “Club New Zealand Red Stag Hunts”, to liberate hunters from restrictive scoring brackets, each with inflated prices. This is the well-known pricing format for Red Stag hunts in New Zealand and around the world.

Hunters for the first time, now have the freedom to hunt 4 score brackets combined at one fair price. The combined score brackets are 360 to 380 - 380 to 400 - 400 to 420 - 420 to 440
The opportunity to harvest Red Stag 360 to 440 gross inches gives you the hunter the freedom to enjoy the hunt without any let downs or nasty surprises.
When booking a “Club NZ Red Stag hunt” with NZ Horn & Antler you have the choice to hunt Red Stag exceeding your dreams, without the fear of paying any extra money.
Even if you harvest a Stag scoring over the 440 mark you will not be asked to pay any extra money above your booked hunt price. Now that’s “hunting the way it should be”
Having the opportunity to hunt 4 classes of Red Stag at one fare price has exciting possibilities for hunters. You just never know what monster Red Stag could be hiding in the next valley, or just around the corner.

The thrill of the hunt is completely in the hands of the hunter, as it should be and will always be with a “Club NZ Red Stag Hunt”.
We have ensured that you the hunter get the best opportunity to hunt Red Stag and enjoy your hunt, just as you would at home during your hunting season.
These are very important points to consider when booking your Red Stag hunt with a New Zealand Outfitter. 
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