Joe Mitchell - USA

I was the successful bidder of a Tahr and Chamois hunt Craig donated to my local SCI chapter's fund-raiser. The hunt was a drop off hunt by helicopter high in the mountains where we stayed in a spike camp. The first day we hunted for Chamois and I was successful in getting a very nice buck Chamois and thank goodness we did as I rolled my ankle on the mountain and that placed me in a great deal of pain.

With the weather turning from bad to worst, Craig did a great job getting me back to our camp as this was no place to get caught out in the weather with a bung ankle.

The next day the weather cleared and Craig radio the helicopter pilot and we flew to a remote mountain cabin where I rested my ankle. Unable to climb around the mountains for a Tahr, Craig arranged for me to hunt the Tahr with the use of the helicopter. Craig and I were dropped on a cliff as the helicopter hovered next to it. This gave me a 250 yard shot across canyons.This made it possible for me to come home with a very nice Tahr. After the Tahr hunt we traveled to Craig's home on the East coast where I shot a nice Red Stag, Arapawa Ram, Wild Goat, Australian opossum, Wallaby and enjoyed some water fowl hunting.

My time in New Zealand was a great success thanks to Craig, he kept me pulling the trigger every day I was there despite rolling my ankle. I think that every outdoors man should experience being dropped off in the beautiful New Zealand mountains by helicopter to do the real hunt and survive on what is in your back pack.

Craig did an excellent job preparing trophies to be sent back to the USA. My animals turned out awesome. You do not see full body trophies of Tahr and Chamois in any of the hunting stores, However, I have them in my trophy collection.

Cheers Joe
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