Travis Altenhofen

I could bore you with a long story about how I first met Craig and Jenny in 2017 and how I was so amazed with NZ Horn & Antler that I came back the next year with my girlfriend and we had the time of our lives with Hunter and Malcolm on the beautiful green hills of the south island. I could tell you I came back for the quality of the game that NZ Horn & Antler have to offer (463” of bone to be exact). I could tell about the amazing culinary delights that welcome you home after a full day of chasing game. I could reiterate to you everything you probably already know about New Zealand and the nostalgia of chasing the majestic Red Stag. But that’s not my style! Pick up the phone, hop of Facebook, or google the words NZ HORN & ANTLER SAFARIS. If you’re reading this testimonial, you're already interested in knocking New Zealand off of your sportsman’s bucket list. Do it! For the same cost of chasing quality North American big game in the USA or Canada, instead, go to NZ! You will not be disappointed! Do it before you find another excuse to not do it! Go on your own and test your skills or bring someone you can share a lifetime memory with. Why wait? Be the sportsman that has something to bring to the fire pit besides another boring story of shooting a whitetail from a tree stand during the rut! Live your life! Save your money for next year, open a line of credit, do a reverse mortgage, or rob the rich SOB up the street! Be the person that said, “why not”! I’ll be back to chase the alpine Tahr and Chamois and I hope I see your wonderful self in Waimate! In the end, we only regret the hunts we didn’t take!

- Travis Altenhofen




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