Water Fowl

Water fowl is our only hunt that we offer that carries restrictions, these have been set in place to ensure that we can all continue to shoot water fowl in years to come. The birds are restricted in terms of when we can shoot them and the numbers we can shoot. The Waterfowl season starts in the first weekend in May and goes to the end of July.

There is a limit of a mixed bag of 50 ducks and 5 black swan per hunter per day, but no restrictions on the number of Canadian Geese shot each day. The mixed bag of ducks consists of a selection of Shovelor Ducks, Paradise Ducks, Mallard Ducks and Grey Ducks. The Paradise Duck is only found in New Zealand, they are larger than a Mallard with the female having a white head and a chestnut colored body, and the male being black all over.

These birds decoy very well as do all of our ducks and hunting is conducted over large bodies of water from our duck blind. This selection of birds allows for a great day of fun, accompanied by plenty of homemade baking and hot soups to keep you warm and energized all day on the pond. Waterfowl is another hunt that is easily accessible to all ages, with your guide doing all the work to ensure you stay warm and dry. 

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